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Enterprise Northern Ireland Case Study

“The voice of enterprise for those supporting and developing small business in Northern Ireland”.
This is how Enterprise Northern Ireland (ENI) view their role within the Northern Ireland economy.

Established in 2000 to represent the 28 Local Enterprise Agencies, Enterprise Northern Ireland have worked to support over 4,000 businesses and tens of thousands of staff from pre-start individuals and start-up and growth companies start-up and enabling them to develop and grow.

The Exploring Enterprise Programme is an ESF funded pre-start initiative and consists of 143 courses over a 3-year period that are delivered via the existing Local Enterprise Agency (LEA) network. The programme provides one-to-one tailored business mentoring support, with the opportunity to work towards achieving an accredited qualification.

Enterprise NI asked ICONI to develop an Exploring Enterprise Management Information System (EEP) which was incorporated within their existing ENI Customer Engagement & Progression (CEP) solution. The aim of the EEP is to provide a suitable platform for the recording and reporting of Client support activity and time.

“Enterprise Northern Ireland has worked in partnership with ICONI Software for almost 15 years during which time they have developed a range of solutions for a diverse range of our business needs. From the initial specification of a solution through the development and roll out phases they have been constantly adding value to our management, operations and reporting processes. They also provide us with excellent and responsive on-going support for our solutions. ICONI are a pleasure to work with”.
Stephen Edwards, Enterprise Northern Ireland’s Financial Controller

The process began with an in-depth analysis session and research of provided documentation. ICONI needed to ensure that the solution focused on the support needs of each individual client while at the same time capturing the key performance metrics.

ENI required a solution to track and manage clients from their initial Enquiry through to completion of the programme with ongoing monitoring.

ICONI’s EEP software solution records time spent on delivery of outreach events and support interventions such as events, courses and mentoring.

As the system was incorporated within the existing CEP, and as ENI’s systems develop over time and further programmes are incorporated, users that have the authority to manage multiple programmes and will be able to ‘switch’ between programmes within the user interface, providing a single, central platform for all future ENI programmes.

ICONI successfully delivered ENI’s second solution in October 2016 and it is used by over 100 Users to track and support over 750 clients to achieve positive outcomes through interventions such as Business mentoring support. It provides full visibility of the support that a Client receives and the ENI users know the exact stage at which a Client is ‘engaged’ within the programme.

ICONI’s solution has had a significant impact on ENI allowing for successful Client support and positive outcomes.

Key Results

  • The solution delivers the ability for ENI to capture and manage Client enquiries in one central location replacing the role performed by the existing system.
  • Client Web enquiries can be submitted by prospective clients via the ENI website and these can be automatically captured and managed within the solution
  • The solution is configured with a standard ‘supply chain’, 2-tier data security model i.e. Prime Contractor (ENI HQ) and Subcontractor (LEA).
  • Filterable lists which permit access to real-time statistics and reporting
  • The solution offers quick and easy visualisation of key programme stages
  • The solution offers field-level auditing and history exposure on key fields e.g. see why, when and by whom the status of a Client was changed.
  • Date constraint rules within the solution force timely entry of data increasing productivity and performance
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