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Shaw Trust: Live Well Kent Case Study

Software solution to help 50 advisors deliver mental health and wellbeing support to thousands of beneficiaries.

“If you’re dealing with mental ill health, don’t do it alone – get in touch and let us help.”

This is Live Well Kent’s message to individuals who may be suffering in silence.  The Live Well Kent programme is being delivered by Shaw Trust and is a one-stop shop where people can access a huge range of mental health and general wellbeing support within their local community.

Shaw Trust is a national charity that provides employment opportunities, skills development training and health and well-being services across the UK.  Mental health problems particularly are a growing concern within the UK, with 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem each year. (

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Working with ICONI has been a pleasure. The ICONI team were completely project-driven, always made themselves available and responded to queries within the timeframes required. Their customer service has been just generally excellent.
Julie Cable, Shaw Trust’s Head of Projects

ICONI were asked by Shaw Trust to implement a health and wellbeing solution based on our existing beneficiary support software framework CEP. The project began with an in-depth ‘fast-track’ analysis of Shaw Trust’s proposed operational requirements.  At this stage ICONI could add value of our experience in similar systems by helping streamline the operational workflow.  ICONI needed to ensure that the solution focused on the support needs of each individual and at the same time capture key performance metrics without putting an onerous task on the advisers supporting their clients.

Shaw Trust required a solution that could help them to achieve their goals of improving an individual’s wellbeing, removing their barriers to work and increasing their chances of gaining employment.  Key features of CEP include Supply Chain Management, Client Case Management and the recording of a range of Positive Outcomes which form the basis of the programme’s sophisticated performance metrics.

ICONI successfully delivered the Shaw Trust Live Well Kent solution within 8 weeks and our CEP software is currently being used by over 50 Advisors to track and support clients to ensure they achieve their desired outcome.  It provides full visibility of the support that a Client receives and the Live Well Kent’s Advisers know the exact stage at which a Client is ‘engaged’ on within the programme at all times.

Shaw Trust Case Study Overview

  • Successful implementation of ICONI’s Customer Engagement & Progression (CEP) solution within the Mental Health and Wellbeing sector.
  • The ICONI CEP solution successfully tracks a person’s support journey ensuring that they are provided with the best possible interventions and resources at all times.
  • Key features include Supply Chain Management, Case Management and the recording and tracking of a range of Personal Goals and Positive Outcomes.
  • The project was implemented by ICONI within a very short timeframe, with the project being delivered within 8 weeks.
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