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Shaw Trust Case Study

Shaw Trust is a national charity and one of the UK’s largest third sector provider of employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people.  They also provide employment opportunities, skills development training and health and well-being services.  The Trust currently delivers the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Work Programme within areas of London.

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With the ICONI CEP, we know exactly where a customer is, what support they have received or are planning to receive and our managers can monitor each advisor’s caseload. This ensures our resources are fully effective when delivering specialist support.
Phil East, Partnership Manager

Shaw Trust Customers are individuals that are participating in the Work Programme. This programme helps support individuals from the initial referral through to employment and in-work support (and all support stages in-between).  In-built assessments are used to help determine the support a Customer requires. The CEP solution implemented by ICONI, tracks individual Customers across all aspects of support, manages Shaw Trust’s Supply Chain/Delivery Partners and also includes an Employer and Vacancy Management module.

The ICONI CEP solution ensures that Advisers know the exact stage at which a Customer is ‘engaged’ on the programme of support at all times.  It provides access to Adviser availability diaries for booking meetings, action planning and support interventions i.e. engagements.  Automated notifications are used to drive case management and all communications with the Customer including email and SMS can be tracked within the system.

The key aim of the programme is to help individuals, often with multiple barriers to employment, find and stay in work.  The CEP solution is designed so that a Customer progresses from one stage to the next based on their tailored support interventions and action planning.  Job matching can be used to help Customers identify suitable vacancies based on their background experience and skill set.  Once in work, Customers receive support to help them remain within their new job.

Key Results

  • Disabled and disadvantaged individuals participating in the Work Programme
  • Support delivered from referral to employment and beyond
  • Tailored into work experience
  • Job matching delivers suitable customer experience
  • Support to maintain employment
  • Automated notifications
  • Full visibility of customer journey for adviser
  • Linked up with adviser diaries

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