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Springvale Learning Case Study

“Our approach is to empower you to achieve independence through vocational training and lasting employment. Our objective is to get results by supporting you to find sustainable employment that will transform your life”.

This is Springvale Learning’s message to individuals who are considering participating in their vocational training or a work based learning programme.

At Springvale Learning, they successfully deliver high quality employment and learning solutions, supporting people to transform their lives through enhanced learning and sustained employment.

They support a diverse range of learners and jobseekers to break down barriers and achieve their goals, whether that is to gain a vocational qualification or find a job.

The programmes run at Springvale include: Steps 2 Success, Apprenticeships NI and Training for Success.

From the initial discussions and meetings the ICONI Team were excellent. They have provided us with a platform that enables us to report ‘real-time’ data which is available across the organisation.  It provides an interface between departments and our work-flows and processes have been streamlined. We can pull data from our MIS system which allows meaningful support interventions and learner tracking. Our solution presents the data in a user-friendly way and provides us with the information we need instantly. The helpdesk function is excellent and Staff are readily available to deal with queries or discuss further system enhancements.
Lorraine Kelly, Springvale’s Director of Compliance

ICONI were asked by Springvale Learning to develop a Learner Management System (LMS) as they felt that having a bespoke system would allow ‘one source’ of data, providing them with accurate and real time reporting on three of their key skills and learning support programmes, namely: Training for Success, AppreticeshipsNI and School Links. Springvale needed a solution that could be easily used by authorised users in multiple locations and which gave a lot of flexibility.


The LMS was designed to reduce project risks. Having experience working with several Skills and Learning providers in the UK and Ireland, ICONI were the perfect partner for Springvale Learning.

The process began with a ‘fast-track’ in-depth analysis session and research of provided documentation. ICONI needed to ensure that the solution focused on the support needs of each individual learner while at the same time capturing the key performance metrics in a powerful reporting tool.


ICONI successfully delivered Springvale’s solution and it has been used by over 100 Advisors to track and support over 1400 learner’s journeys to achieving positive outcomes such as gaining a qualification. It provides full visibility of the support that a learner receives and the Springvale Advisors know the exact stage at which a learner is ‘engaged’ within the programme.

ICONI’s solution has had a significant impact on Springvale Learning, allowing for successful support and positive outcomes for many of their learners.

Key Results

  • ICONI ensured the smooth implementation of CEP - the secure, Learner Management System (with MIS and CRM functionality) that delivers both client and corporate support across multiple offices
  • The incorporation of assessments to help address a learner’s barriers, the recording of all support interactions and the evidencing on this activity, outcomes and related KPIs
  • Key features include effective learner, programme, organisational, financial and counselling support management across the three programmes
  • The solution includes a powerful reporting tool that produces reports in real-time, helping with planning, tracking of learner progress, identifying interventions and monitoring progress against targets
  • A secure platform to store all current and future learner records.
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