Feature Spotlight: Customer Engagement Progression Panel

Published 17th July 2020

Our CEP Panel presents Advisors with a visual representation – using a simple traffic light system – of the stage that their Customer has reached on their support journey.

The CEP Panel is a vital tool for both Advisors and Programme Managers. Built around your operational processes, Programme Managers can be assured that Advisors are delivering a consistent level of service to customers, and following all the programme requirements and compliance rules along the way.

3 ways the CEP Panel can support your Advisors, as they deliver your beneficiary support programme

  1. Admin time is reduced by the instant visual assessment
    Advisors can ascertain, from a quick glance, how much progress a Customer has made, without the need to read historical notes. The RAG-rated panel updates from Red to Amber to Green as the customer progresses.
  2. Customers receive a consistent service
    With all Advisors following the same progression processes, there are no variations in service levels.
  3. Built-in guidance and support
    Each stage of the process has an accompanying task list and check list, along with supporting guidance text, explaining the purpose of that particular stage of support.

3 ways the CEP Panel can support the operational delivery of your beneficiary support programme

  1. It’s mapped to your operational processes 
    The solution is created around your rules, not retro-fitted to rules which don’t work for your organisation and programme.
  2. Compliance needs are built into the workflow
    Don’t worry about your Advisors accidentally skipping a mandatory step in the support journey! Your whole workflow and underlying criteria engine are built around your programme requirements, with full transparency so Advisors can see exactly what compliance rules they need to follow.
  3. Advisors are supported every step of the way
    Advisors can drill down to the detail behind operational processes in order to understand what tasks and checklists need to be completed before they can progress a customer (see screenshot below)
Customer Engagement Progression Panel
ICONI’s Customer Engagement Progression Panel – drill-down pop-out detail, available to Advisors

For an informal chat about the CEP panel, or to arrange a demo, please call us on 028 9031 9300.

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