We Love Deadlines!

Published 18th November 2016

We all seem to be driven by time, which is unfortunately the master of our lives.  Deadlines can unnerve even the strongest person and wreak havoc with us, especially when a tender submission is looming or a software project is to go live on an immoveable date.  However, at ICONI we love deadlines, yes LOVE them!

But why?  We are not superhuman, but we fully understand what we have to do, know what our customers want, understand the scope and therefore we can deliver on time.  Our methodology for delivering complex software projects has been continually improved over the last 16 years.  In fact, every project that we have implemented during that time has been delivered successfully.

Now if you are not an ICONI customer, ask yourself, “Was my software project developed on time and to my requirements?”.  Unfortunately for many organisations the answer is “No!”.  Given that nearly 2 out of 3 technology projects fail (Source: Standish Group 2015 Chaos report), we must be doing something right.

Well, here is the secret – it is our ‘Fast-Track Analysis’ approach, which enables us to completely capture all key requirements of our customers in a very short period of time.  This, in addition to our modular, cloud-based Customer Engagement and Progression (CEP) software framework is a perfect match for success.

Are you ready… to implement your CEP project on time and successfully?  If so, please get in touch.

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