Health & Wellbeing

Encourage your customers into wellness help transform their lives using CEP.

Long term health conditions – rather than illnesses susceptible to a one-off cure – now take 70% of the health service budget. Across the UK there are now many support programmes to support people with these lifelong illnesses.

Our Customer Engagement and Progression (CEP) software contains everything that you need to effectively deliver your wellbeing and disability support programmes.

CEP works by tracking a customer’s full support journey from referral through to the completion of the programme, ensuring that they are provided with the best possible resources and support available for them.

This includes organisations that provide support to individuals to improve their mental and physical health and wellness.

Features of CEP for Health & Wellbeing

Full Customer Tracking/Case Management

Tracks every stage of your customer’s journey from Referral to programme completion.

CEP Portal

Customers can access aspects of their engagement (Meetings, Interventions etc) through their mobile.

Specialist Support Partnerships (SSP)

SSP can access CEP to update interventions for referred customers.

Supply Chain Management

Manage multi-tier supply chains across multiple delivery partners & locations.

SMS and Email Communications

SMS & email messaging are integrated within the system allowing for quick & effective communications

Customer Expenses and Grants

Customer expenses and grants can be recorded, verified & tracked within CEP.

Referrals Management

Ability to manage customer referrals internally, to partner organisations & to third parties.

Full Reporting & MI

Real-time, drill-down management reporting is available for all users tailored to their role.

This list is not exhaustive, if there is a module or feature you require don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.

Benefits of CEP for Health & Wellbeing

  • Access to a consistent collection and easy collaboration of all customer information, documents and interactions across various delivery partners
  • Quick and easily access to critical customer data including key contacts, history and interventions giving you a complete picture of an individual’s current situation
  • User focussed, hands-on software which has been shaped by our own customers’ wants and needs
  • Easily manage, track and report on every stage of your customer’s journey to better health or sustained employment Improved staff performance and viable results that can be quickly reported on
  • The ability to sign post to your preferred specialist support providers who can update appointments and interventions directly on CEP
  • 27001 Security Certified for peace of mind with personal data

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