Rehabilitation & Justice

CEP can be used to support the rehabilitation of ex-offenders

Current statistics in the UK show that at least 60% of offenders re-offend within 2 years which costs the tax payers billions of pounds each year.

With the right support, these offenders are less likely to re-offend – support such as gaining new skills, money management, employment advice.

If your organisation works to support rehabilitation of ex-offenders, then ICONI is your perfect partner.

CEP allows you to track, monitor and report on all interactions with your clients. The clear dashboard on CEP makes finding out your clients progress easy with the traffic light system approach.

ICONI wants to help you help others get a fresh start in life.

Features of CEP for Rehabilitation & Justice

Full Customer Tracking/Case Management

Tracks every stage of your customer’s journey from Initial Referral to their end goal.

CEP Portal

Customers can access aspects of their engagement (Meetings, Interventions etc) through their mobile.

Job Vacancy Management

Built in CRM tool to manage employer relationships and vacancies.

Supply Chain Management

Manage multi-tier supply chains across multiple delivery partners & locations.

SMS and Email Communications

SMS & email messaging are integrated within the system allowing for quick & effective communications

Customer Expenses and Grants

Customer expenses and grants can be recorded, verified & tracked within CEP.

Specialist Support Partnerships (SSP)

SSP can access CEP to update interventions for referred customers.

Full Reporting & MI

Real-time, drill-down management reporting is available for all users tailored to their role.

This list is not exhaustive, if there is a module or feature you require don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.

Benefits of CEP for Rehabilitation & Justice

  • Access to a consistent collection and easy collaboration of all customer information, documents and interactions across various delivery partners
  • Quick and easily access to critical customer data including key contacts, history and interventions giving you a complete picture of an individual’s employment and training needs
  • User focused, hands-on case management tool which has been shaped by our own customers’ wants and needs
  • Easily manage, track and report on every stage of your customer’s journey to a better life and employment
  • An Employer Engagement CRM tool to record activity with your employers
  • Easily manage, verify, track and record your financial data such as expenses and grants
  • Vacancy matching to suggest potential vacancies for your customers
  • Maximise efficiency and reduce staff administration time

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