What is Customer Engagement and Progression (CEP)?

ICONI’s Customer Engagement & Progression (CEP) is a suite of configurable cloud-based software that helps your organisation improve people’s lives. CEP is designed to manage the support you provide to your customers (beneficiaries) and can be mapped exactly to the improvement journey you deliver. CEP is flexible and can grow with your organisation. It is used to support small, medium or large beneficiary support programmes across the UK and Ireland within the following sectors:

Social & Wellbeing
Supporting organisations that deliver social and wellbeing services by helping to record, access, monitor and report on interventions with their Customers and tracking customer performance. Find out more…

We help organisations that are delivering employment-related services by tracking and reporting on all aspects of a Customer’s ‘journey to work’ from initial engagement to sustained employment and ‘in-work’ support. Find out more…

Skills & Learning
Supporting organisations that provide learning and development support services to their customers. Our system fully tracks all Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) support and can quickly identify key areas of need and skill deficiencies. Find out more…

Economic & Enterprise Development
Supporting organisations that deliver economic and enterprise development services by helping them to record, monitor and report on interactions with their Customers. Implementing our CEP solutions will help automate all records and organise them in a simple and more efficient way. Find out more…

CEP Logo
  • Double your performance
  • Private cloud technology
  • Track customer progress
  • Scale as you grow
  • Fully customisable


Your customer can be an individual, group of individuals or an organisation seeking support services such as preparing for work, debt management and caring



The engagement is all the support services an organisation delivers to their customer – e.g. action planning, meetings, correspondence, SMS, email, courses, goals, interventions, recording outcomes etc. All these services help generate ongoing support interactions


The progression is positive changes or outcomes in customer circumstances such as learning a new skill, gaining sustained employment or starting a new business